Main issues

These are the Issues for which I stand. Are these yours, too?

Reform Education

– Better pay for teachers, – Eliminate waivers in schools, where schools can override the classroom size, – Discourage “mainstreaming”, – Offer alternatives for education i.e. Promote small groups with teacher/mentors, – Continuous assessment of subject matter/Eliminate STARR Testing, – Insist on mastery of subjects, – Encourage learning other languages and starting early.

Reform the Healthcare system

– Promote wellness and prevention, – Educate the public regarding more nutritional food choices (We are what we eat.), – Educate the public regarding emergency preparedness, – Educate the public regarding what they can do in case there is a disaster, and there is a disruption in their food supply and the power grid

Reform Mental Health

– Better pay and training for mental health workers – Utilize methods which are not pharmaceutical in nature

Eliminate Human Trafficking and Illicit drugs

– Educate the public to the signs of human trafficking, – Enforce the laws

Reform Prisons

– Better pay and training for prison staff – Provide more effective mental health services in prison – Provide educational training, which leads to better job skills – Utilize more faith based programs

Control the Southern Border

– Eliminate human trafficking coming across the border, – Eliminate illicit drugs across the border

Conservation of Resources

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Reduce regulations for Businesses