Dear Neighbors,

I have been a resident of Jersey Village for almost 40 years. In the past two years I have been very active in presenting to the JV residents many of my concerns about issues here in Jersey Village. For this purpose a website was created to inform the Jersey Village residents about what was happening in the community. People consider me a “Watch Dog” and “Woman of Action”!

I’m running for Texas State Representative District 135, which includes Jersey Village. As State Representative I will be in a position to do much more for our community. I want to help solve, not only these problems, but many other problems which impact us and the residents of Texas.

I will sincerely enjoy meeting with you and learning more about our community/our home. With this I would like to inform you that I desire to become a public servant and will do so much for you, others and our community. The emphasis is on achieving our goals, on teamwork and support.

Unlike others, I have already lived for, and I am still working to make certain issues better for all Texans. Please take advantage of my vast experience and knowledge to make Texas greater for all of us.

In order to achieve our goals I need help and support from you. Please consider donating to my campaign starting from $1.00. Every dollar counts.

To vote in Texas for the following elections be sure to register. February 3, 2020 is the last day to register to vote for the March 3, 2020 election. Please check for details on

If you moved within Texas, within 30 days after you move, you need to change your address on your Texas driver’s license or ID card. You can change your address online.
The DMV website is –

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Very sincerely,

Merrilee Rosene Beazley, RN, BSN, MEd, MBA


Reform Education

– Better pay for teachers, – Eliminate waivers in schools, where schools can override the classroom size, – Discourage “mainstreaming”, – Offer alternatives for education i.e. Promote small groups with teacher/mentors, – Continuous assessment of subject matter/Eliminate STARR Testing, – Insist on mastery of subjects, – Encourage learning other languages and starting early.

Reform the Healthcare system

– Promote wellness and prevention, – Educate the public regarding more nutritional food choices (We are what we eat.), – Educate the public regarding emergency preparedness, – Educate the public regarding what they can do in case there is a disaster, and there is a disruption in their food supply and the power grid

Reform Mental Health

– Better pay and training for mental health workers – Utilize methods which are not pharmaceutical in nature

Eliminate Human Trafficking and Illicit drugs

– Educate the public to the signs of human trafficking, – Enforce the laws

Reform Prisons

– Better pay and training for prison staff – Provide more effective mental health services in prison – Provide educational training, which leads to better job skills – Utilize more faith based programs

Control the Southern Border

– Eliminate human trafficking coming across the border, – Eliminate illicit drugs across the border

Conservation of Resources

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Reduce regulations for Businesses